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The course programmes offered by BKS are intended to provide relevant information for professionals and thus deliver the knowledge required to realise networks.

Courses on offer

In our training sessions, we place significant emphasis on practical experience that can then be directly implemented by course participants.

We are currently offering training, as described in our course programmes, primarily in the following areas:

HomeNet workshops

These training courses provide the basic understanding needed for straightforward and dependable planning and implementation of home cabling systems. Within this course module, we place special emphasis on effective assembly of components and usage of test equipment. We are planning further courses in this area that will cover integration of multi-room applications as well as other supplementary applications. For details, please see our course documents.

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Certification courses

These courses provide participants with a comprehensive overview of network technology including copper-based solutions as well as FO cables. We acquaint participants with current standards and point out where the trends are headed. These are professional courses with the main focus on practical matters, i.e. we spend time assembling components and making measurements! We explain what the individual measurements mean and how the results should be interpreted.

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For information about our current course programme, please see our «Course programme» brochure.

Multimedia Course

Multimedia - a word with a thousand possible meanings. Or maybe it isn't? Is there a clear definition? We have dealt with all of these questions. In a 1-day course, we aim to provide competent answers that are as neutral as possible.

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Upon request, we can organise courses based on your specific guidelines and needs so as to take into account your requirements.