Certified BKS NewLine installer

Certified BKS NewLine installer

A course that authorises you to apply for system guarantees for all BKS NewLine UKV systems. This practice-oriented basic course was developed and structured especially for employees who work in telematics and installation.

System guarantee - the prerequisites

For a full BKS NewLine system guarantee to be granted, the following prerequisites must be met:

1. The entire system (channel) must consist 100% of BKS NewLine components.

2. The installation must be performed exclusively by BKS NewLine certified installers.

3. Quality testing and final inspection must be performed in accordance with BKS NewLine QA guidelines.

Course content

Basic information about cables. We provide a comprehensive, basic understanding of cable properties and terminology such as S/FTP, AWG, NVP and standards, along with current developments. We also give an overview of international and European standards ranging from category 5 to multimedia.

The course also covers the topic of fibre optic cables. The objective is for participants to become knowledgeable about matters relating to fibre optic technology.