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Fall 2013 Development and launch of NewLine MMCpro 6P.

Spring 2010 Development and launch of BKS BasicNet.

July 2009 Launch of NewLine RJpro category 6A.

Summer 2008 Establishment of in-house FO assembly.

June 1999 Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:1996 (now ISO 9001:2008).

Summer 1996 Development and launch of NewLine MMC3000.

June 1992 Introduction of first BKS RJ45 socket.

Early 1989 Europe's first cabling using the ACO system.

March 1988 Installation of first cross-border FO link.

March 1987 First IBM ICS cabling components.

April 1985 Start of business.

Portrait of BKS AG

BKS Kabel-Service AG was founded in 1985. In 1989, it introduced the first universal cabling system in Switzerland: a data cable integrating telephony and data. This was followed in 1992 by NewLine, the first fully shielded RJ45 system.

Groundbreaking innovations from BKS

NewLine 600 (now MMC3000pro), a universal cabling system for high-speed networks, was launched in the summer of 1996. The performance reserves provided by this system will suffice for the coming years. Motivated by these successes, more innovations are developed and tested, and groundbreaking steps are taken in the multimedia sector. BKS acts as a developer, trade partner and consulting centre for architects and planners.


BKS - a reliable partner

This year again we maintained the highest D&B rating. In a period of uncertain economic conditions, reliable partnerships and business relationships are more important than ever. The willingness and the ability to pay is the base of a sustained guided company.


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