History from BKS

It's April 1985

The success story of a Solothurn company, now ongoing for nearly 30 years!

History of BKS Kabel-Service AG

June 2014 MMCpro 4P will be available for applications of up to 40 GbE, alongside the MMCpro 6P socket module, which was certified in February 2014. The one-piece socket module stands for quality, investment protection and, of course, for straightforward and quick installation.

May 2014 After it has been optimised for assembly and PVP-tested, the latest version of the NewLine RJpro is being presented and launched on the market. PVP testing comprises continuous production monitoring by the GHMT testing laboratory, thus ensuring consistently high product quality for customers.

February 2014 Once again BKS is the first company worldwide to achieve ISO/IEC DTR 11801-99-1 N2238 Class II (2013-12) certification for its new MMCpro socket elements aimed at 2.0 GHz installation channels for 40 Gb Ethernet transmissions, together with a new generation of S/FTP installation and patch cables.

September 2013 With the MMCpro 6P, BKS is launching the world’s first 6-pair twisted pair cabling solution. MMCpro 6P is the first product of the new multimedia line. Already today, it is achieving values in line with the coming ISO/IEC standard in category 8. 6-pair installations enable increases in usage of up to 50% in wiring routes, and thus help to save resources. A further step towards ‘green cabling’.

Autumn 2011 The opening of the new Austria branch sees our network expand eastwards. BKS Kabel-Service AG is thus able to secure an advantageous position from which to reinforce and refine activities in the EU area.

March 2010 Start of in-house assembly of MTP® MPO fibre-optic installation and patch cables. Commissioning of Switzerland’s first 24-port measuring station.

July 2009 With NewLine RJpro, BKS launches yet another world premiere. The latest generation of RJ45 sockets satisfy all applicable standards for classes EA in accordance with ISO/IEC and EIA/TIA. What's more, they also comply with the very demanding category 6A component standard ISO/IEC 60603-7-51!

October 2008 Membership in «Swiss Label», an organisation that promotes Swiss products and services. Certification by Swiss Label authorises us to apply the crossbow trademark to our services.

Summer 2008 BKS begins in-house production of FO spider cables and patch cables. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and comprehensive employee training ensure top quality along with excellent supply readiness.

Summer 2006 BKS updates all of the equipment in its cable assembly department along with the equipment for FO assembly and measurements. Performance and quality experience a significant boost.

September 2004 The NewLine MMC socket from 1997, consisting of 13 individual parts, is replaced with the newly developed NewLine MMC3000pro. This new socket is suitable for bandwidths of up to 2300MHz. This far exceeds the requirements of all applicable standards! In terms of performance, dependability and flexibility, NewLine MMC3000pro is far ahead of any other product in the marketplace.

October 2002 BKS begins production of the new generation of RJ45 connector systems. NewLine RJ fulfils the stricter requirements for category 6. NewLine RJ is the first commercially available RJ45 system suitable for transmission of 10Gigabit Ethernet.

June 1999 On 26 June, BKS receives certification in accordance with ISO 9001:1996 (now ISO 9001:2008).

May 1999 Launch of the more advanced RJ600, the first module for the category 6 of that time.

April 1999 BKS launches HomeNet, the world's first universal home cabling system to allow integration of telephony services as well as data and SAT reception via a single data cable. The system's flexibility sets new standards and is still unrivalled in the marketplace today.

November 1998 Relocation into the new building in Derendingen with expanded warehouse facilities and major expansion of cable assembly.
Summer 1997 BKS launches an improved (up to over 1000 MHz) and easier-to-connect version of the NewLine MMC socket.

November 1996 Start of export activities for BKS NewLine products through our long-standing partner, Kerpen & Co. KG. Simultaneous signing of an agreement as the sole general representative for data cables, copper and fibre of Kerpenwerk GmbH & Co. KG (now LEONI Kerpen GmbH).

Summer 1996 Development and launch of NewLine MMC (up to 900MHz). Its performance is still unrivalled today. The revolutionary design (chamber system) is patented around the world and makes it possible to share cables down to the pair level. Its performance, dependability and flexibility are unmatched by any other product (TV via a data cable is truly novel)!

June 1994 Replacement of NewLine I with the better performing, new category 5 module, NewLine II.

June 1992 Introduction of our first in-house development in the area of RJ45 connector systems: NewLine I is the world's first fully shielded RJ45 system for 100MB applications.

Summer 1989 Splicing and measurement of the first fibre optic network at Geneva airport by BKS (standard fibre at that time: 100/140 um).

Summer 1989 Outfitting of the headquarters of Banque de l'Etat Fribourg with multihubs, including system start-up and maintenance. Splicing and measurement of the FO system.

Early 1989 Europe's first communications cabling using the ACO system by BKS. Integration of the components with Swiss standards.

July 1988 The company moves to Derendingen. Major expansion of the warehouse and production areas.

June 1988 First universal cabling based on 150 Ohm (data and telephony via the same cabling).

March 1988 Installation of the first cross-border FO link between Germany and Switzerland over the dam of the Laufenburg power plant! Project includes delivery, start-up and maintenance of the required active components (FO multiplexers, etc.).

Early 1988 Development of baluns and solutions for Telekurs project. Supplier to IBM Switzerland of ICS cables and components for all of IBM's installations in Switzerland.

March 1987 First deliveries of IBM ICS cabling components.

July 1985 Addition of coaxial cables, connectors and splitters to the range, thereby entering into data world. Start of in-house cable assembly (BNC, TNC, Twinax).

April 1985 Start of business activities, focus on trading in installation cables and control lines.