Reference measurement

Quality assurance

1. Inspection of newly installed networks, e.g. home cabling systems.

2. Adjustment of amplifiers, receivers and other equipment.

3. Support and maintenance for existing installations.

4. Testing and documentation of copper networks.

5. Testing and documentation of FO networks.


1. Planning of CATV and SAT installations.

2. Project planning and project management.

Copper networks

1. Neutral expert reports on the current status of existing systems, including preparation of optimisation concepts.

2. On-site supervision of and support for installers.

3. Assembly of NewLine components (assembly of connecting systems on cables installed by the builders).

4. Integration of active components into passive NewLine networks.

5. Multi-room solutions for HomeNet installations, including delivery and programming, system start-up and equipment maintenance.

6. Training of planners and installers (see training modules)

FO networks

1. Inspection measurements of existing systems, including documentation.

2. Maintenance work on FO installations.

3. Elimination of deficiencies in FO networks.

4. Splicing of FO cables at the building site.

5. Delivery and assembly of fibre-to-the-home components and integration into copper cabling systems.


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