Installation cables

NewLine data cables have unsurpassed characteristics and thus form the most dependable basis for installations involving any category of network. These cables have the performance reserves you need to protect your investment for many years.

Category 8.2

NewLine 2000 the 2GHz. copper data cable for 40 GbEthernet. The solution for MMCpro applications.

2422 / SAT

NewLine 2422/SAT from BKS is a copper cable that far exceeds the existing standards for copper cables.


NewLine 1500/Multimedia from BKS is a copper cable that forms an optimal basis for all multimedia applications.

Category 7/7A

BKS NewLine cable types exceed by far the specifications for category 7 and 7A up to 1000 MHz.

Category 6

For category 6 applications, the corresponding BKS NewLine cable types are suitable solutions with the necessary reliability.


VKTs save you installation time while providing additional reliability.