Multimedia enjoyment doesn’t get any better than with BKS HomeNet.

This BKS cabling system allows true multimedia use within your own home at little extra cost. Telephone, television and Internet all at the same time in your home – that’s our business.

The ideal approach for new construction or renovation projects is to include a multimedia outlet in each room or at each workplace.

System description

Multimedia enjoyment doesn’t get any better than with BKS HomeNet.

9½'' version

A slender and space-saving 9½" line from BKS for use at home.

19'' version

A suitable standardised model for larger installations.

In-Wall / On-Wall

An optimised solution for building developments and rental apartments.


SAT signals can be transmitted via HomeNet over distances of up to 50 metres with no problems.


Due to its sizeable performance reserves, the BKS multimedia system is ideally equipped to meet any challenge.


We provide telephony solutions based on the MMC3000pro multimedia system.

Audio / video

It’s been scientifically confirmed – music really moves us!


The name stands for quality. Integration into HomeNet from BKS is like child’s play.


MMC Box «One - Two - Three - Four»


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BKS HomeNet ensures total multimedia enjoyment now with the flexibility needed for the future.

HomeNet 3D

HomeNet diagrams