Copper - Network solutions

As an expert developer of cabling systems, we provide high-end solutions for all requirements that arise in information technology and industry, based on intensive co-operation with our long-standing partners in the cable sector.

Ethernet and the Internet form the common basis for LAN applications in offices, computing centres, industry and at home. These networks as well as the continuously expanding urban networks and WANs are converging, bringing about an ongoing process of change in the world of communications.


The NewLine system includes modular sockets can be used in shielded or unshielded environments.

Copper Cables

With its halogen-free NewLine data cables, BKS offers cables in all categories with excellent performance and dependability reserves.


We have solutions to match all common outlet designs (Edizio Due, Levy Sidus, Legrand, etc.).


Our solutions come in different versions.


The world is converging, and you too can receive broadcasts from the whole world.

Patch cables

No matter what you want to connect, we have the right patch cables.


Mounting clips with dust cover, code caps, blank covers, installation tools, etc.

Test Accessories

Suitable test equipment is used to document correct installation.