Sustainable development

Best connections with other cultures

What we have committed ourselves to in terms of learning, which also enjoys a prominent place on our website, now also holds true in Cambodia! A joint venture project linking BKS and the Don Bosco Technical School has seen a state-of-the-art classroom erected in Phnom Penh – with a lasting legacy.

Derendingen - Phnom Penh

We have been heavily committed to networks for ages – be it in social settings or at work. So it should come as no great surprise that BKS has also gained a foothold in Cambodia starting this year alongside Dr Beat «Beatocello» Richner, the famous Swiss paediatrician and musician. For three months, employees from our company helped out at the Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh, gaining fascinating insights into new cultures in the process.

Theory & Practice

Following on from the three-week theoretical introduction to the topic, a new network room was set up together with the students in a practical lesson. Hungry for knowledge, some 50 young Cambodians were familiarized with the Western network technology and set up a class EA network, consisting of an RJpro (cat. 6A ) and a NewLine 700 data cable (cat. 7). Prospective electrical engineers will be trained to Cisco CCNA Level 1 and 2 in these new facilities over the coming few years.

Sustainable development

With the legendary reserve that our proven offerings demonstrate, it is safe to assume that numerous generations of students will become familiar with BKS products.