Anti-IonNet (electrosmog)

Wireless communication is both a blessing and a curse. Although wireless communication enables efficient and cost-effective data transmission, it does create a sense of unease among humans and animals and increases the risk of cyber crime.

We have the solution - with "Anti-IonNet", we can reduce the emission of electromagnetic fields. WiFi is by far the greatest challenge in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), but there are interesting alternatives out there which should be considered as early as the planning phase. The radiation values of a conventional communication network in a building are reduced by more than 90% with this solution, without losing wireless access to the Internet.

The most important components are:
• Most effectively shielded copper system (E3)
• Fibre-optic system
• Switchable active devices with low radiation output
• LiFi (VLC/LiFi) as an alternative to WiFi for wireless and secure communication

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